• Mary Spence MBE

    Mary Spence MBE



    Mary is a Cartographic Design Consultant and publisher. In a career now spanning more than forty years and with numerous award-winning maps to her credit in both civilian and military applications she was invested with an MBE in 2004 for Services to Cartographic Design.  She is a Chartered Geographer, a Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society and a Past President and Honorary Fellow of the British Cartographic Society.  

    Mary is co-author (with Giles Darkes) of Cartography an introduction now in its 2nd Edition, published by the British Cartographic Society. Her on Colour in Cartography appears in The Routledge Handbook of Mapping and Cartography, a respected collation of contributions from specialists in their field. She promotes her subject across multi-media platforms and routinely addresses audiences ranging from high academia to school visits.

    Her talents are acknowledged in The Women Who Shaped The World, an article by The Future Mapping Company that records their ‘Top 10 Female Cartographers of All Time'. Mary is also featured in Women and GIS published by ESRI Press and she is still creating beautiful maps today.



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  • The First Maps

    1570 Map of the World by Abraham Ortelius
    Representations tended to be simplistic markings of the landscape but impressively a map of mountains, rivers, valleys and routes around Pavlov in the Czech Republic has been dated to 25,000 BC.
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  • I Love Maps: What's in a place?

    They’re not as simple as just bits of land. In fact, the subject is almost too vast to address in a few hundred words. They are tied in with our lives, our thoughts and our dreams. And not just ours, those of our ancestors and our descendants.
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