The Gaza Strip Physical Map

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Expanding from 6 to 12 km and covering 365 km2, the Gaza Strip, also known as Gaza, is a vibrant polity and one of two Palestinian territories, with the other being the West Bank. Situated on the Mediterranean coast and bounded by Egypt and Israel, Gaza boasts a population density that ranks among the highest in the world, with more than 2 million inhabitants, the majority of whom are refugees or descendants of refugees. 

Our Physical Map of Gaza is vibrant and informative, with easy-to-read text and bright colours. Including capital cities, rivers, major roadways, towns, surrounding bodies of water and mountain ranges. The physical aspects such as land elevation are clearly showed and makes for an attractive map either for the home, office or school, for display on a wall or for desk work.

Paper Laminated: Printed onto quality paper and finished with a gloss laminate.