Arizona Physical State Map

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Located in the American Southwest, Arizona is renowned for its breathtaking landscape, most notably the remarkable Grand Canyon, a mile-deep gorge forged by the Colorado River. Flagstaff, a picturesque town nestled among towering pine trees, serves as a prominent entry point to this natural wonder. Stunning vistas also abound at Saguaro National Park, which preserves the iconic cacti-filled terrain of the Sonoran Desert. As the home of the esteemed University of Arizona, Tucson boasts a lively atmosphere and is also home to the impressive Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.

This physical map of Arizona presents key information such as the capital cities, population, area size, and largest city, plus locations of airports, major highways, state boundaries, and populated areas. In addition, the map includes bodies of water and points of interest such as national and state parks, forests, cultural sites, and more.

Laminated option: Printed onto high quality paper and finished with a gloss laminate.