Detailed Political Middle East Map

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In stock

Our Detailed Middle East Map encompasses the exotic and enchanting lands surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. This opulent map covers the Arabian Peninsula and, depending on interpretation, may extend to Iran, North Africa, and beyond. Historically referred to as the Near East, it was once divided into three regions by Western geographers and historians. The Near East, closest to Europe and stretching from the Mediterranean Sea to the Persian Gulf; the Middle East, ranging from the Persian Gulf to Southeast Asia; and the Far East, encompassing the Pacific Ocean-facing regions.

Our Detailed Map of the Middle East is vibrant and informative, with easy-to-read text and bright colours. Including capital cities, rivers, major roadways, towns and surrounding bodies of water. The political aspects such as state and national boundaries and capital and major cities are included and makes for an attractive map either for the home, office or school, for display on a wall or for desk work.

Laminated option: Printed onto quality paper and finished with a gloss laminate.
Vinyl option: Printed onto heavy weight vinyl with metal eyelets for easy hanging. The material is very durable and hard wearing and can also be rolled up for storage and wiped clean.