1877 - Distribution of the Indian Tribes of California Map by J.W. Powell

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Detailed map of California reveals Linguistic Regions of California Indian Tribes. Compiled under the direction of J.W. Powell, this large, colorful, historically-significant map was featured in Volume III of Steven Powers' Contributions to North American Ethnology. Powers is hailed as California's first Ethnologist. The map provides in-depth examination of Indian tribal lands, with an extended legend detailing nineteen Linguistic Stocks and their distribution. Also depicted are existing railroads between Ft. Yuma, Los Angeles, Sacramento, and Shasta. Authored by H. Lindenkohl. Periodically reissued since its original print in 1877, the map is an authentic artifact of California's historical beginnings and an invaluable resource for researchers and historians alike.

High Quality Paper: Printed onto high quality poster paper which is durable and is non- tearable.