1864 - Wall Map of Jerusalem

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 This replica is the first scientific mapping of Jerusalem and the first Ordnance Survey conducted outside the United Kingdom. Led by Charles William Wilson, a 28-year-old officer in the Royal Engineers corps, it was undertaken with the authority of Sir Henry James, who served as Superintendent of the Ordnance Survey, and was sanctioned by George Robinson, 1st Marquess of Ripon as Secretary of State for War. The six Royal Engineers began their work on October 3, 1864 and completed it on June 16, 1865 - the report was subsequently published on March 29, 1866. The search led to a highly detailed map of Jerusalem, revealed to be "the first perfectly accurate map [of Jerusalem], even in the eyes of modern cartography".

This accurate 1864 map portrays providences, cities & towns. The Royal Engineers' detailed survey allows you to explore ancient roads and paths, architectural features, and the terrain of the Holy City in stunning detail. Through this replica of the original map, you can observe Jerusalem as it appeared more than 150 years ago.

High Quality Paper: Printed onto high quality poster paper which is durable and is non- tearable.