1646 - World Map by Jean Boisseau

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 Parisian map publisher Jean Boisseau was renowned as a "master illuminator" in 1631, and a "map colourist" from 1635- "Enlumineur de cartes marines" / "Enlumineur du Roy pour les cartes geographiques". Producing his first map Diocese d'Aire in 1635, Boisseau created a number of his own maps from 1636, however only his Theatre des Gaules atlas from 1642 was listed by Mirielle Pastoureau in "Les Atlas Francais". His impressive 1646 World Map features two celestial spheres, text panels with geographical and astronomical info, the names of the winds, the heavenly orbits and a circular diagram displaying compass points. This printed masterpiece is a must-have for cartographers and map collectors alike. Boisseau's precise and intricate details add a unique bit of history and art to any wall.

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