1570 - Map of the World by Abraham Ortelius

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Abraham Ortelius (Abraham Ortels) (1527-1598) was more than a mere cartographer; his masterful work, the Theatrum Orbis Terrarum (Theatre of the World), is considered the world's first atlas. By envisioning a time when continents were once united before separating and forming our current geography, Ortelius challenged conventional thinking and set the stage for future breakthroughs in cartography.

This reproduction of the Typus Orbis Terrarum showcases the Northwest Passage and Northeast Passage, as well as a grand Southern Continent attached to New Guinea. It also references place names recorded by Marco Polo. A fascinating depiction of Japan and Southeast Asia is included. In comparison to previous versions, South America no longer has a peculiar bulge. The representation of America is based on Mercator's Wall map of 1569, along with most of the other cartographic details. Two sea monsters and a sailing ship can be seen in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Numerous new place names along the North American west coast were provided by Hakluyt to Ortelius based on recent explorations. This map boasts a wide range of geographical details that are certain to enlighten and captivate any viewer. It is a historically significant piece with a multitude of features and a unique perspective.


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