Education Map Set - Set of 3 Maps - Tectonics and Structure, Great Discoveries, Fascinating Facts 3 x maps 100cm x 70cm

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The Complete Education Map Set, all you need to teach a varied perspective of Geography. The first map showing Tectonics and structure of the world, features include, tectonic plates, earthquakes and tsunami, volcanoes, continental drift. learn how natural phenomena creates your dynamic planet. Beautifully designed, the educational value of this map is immense and will appeal to young and old alike. Second map Showing Fascinating facts about the world, features include, highest mountains, longest rivers, waterfalls, mines, canyons, bridges, railways, lakes, coral reefs, flags of each country and lots more. Third map Showing Great Discoveries of the World, features include, how the world was discovered - Age of Discoveries, 15th to 17th when Europeans started to explore the world by sea finally onto Modern Discoveries through evolution and the 18th and 19th century.