Antique 1853 New Plan of London by J. Whitbread

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The map shows London in great detail with street-by-street information displayed, different neighborhoods demarcated, parks drawn, wharfs indicated, and much more. Early train lines out of the city are shown. The record of Whitbread's cartographic output appears to suggest something of a focus on the Crystal Palace. His earlier maps of London were published with the 1851 Great Exposition in mind, where the Crystal Palace was first built in Hyde Park. In 1854, the palace was moved to Penge Place, where it stood until it burned in 1936. The present map expands Whitbread's earlier map south to this region. It demonstrates the rapid development of the city, as it shows areas that had yet to be fully developed. Whether you're tracing the rise of the railway or simply exploring the streets of 19th century London, this map provides a wealth of information.

Printed onto high quality poster paper which is durable and is non- tearable.